Event wrap up: General Assembly

The General Assembly was very well attended and proved to be a great success, as previous years. We had the visit of Måns Lönnroth and Anders Brannstrom from VREF who showed their satisfaction with the work shown and the progress reached. We also had several advisors and key invited people to the Assembly, as Lake Sagaris, Sam Zimmermann, Gerhard Menckhoff, Fernando Páez, Federico Van Buchwald and Brendan Finn. We had several students, CoE researchers and EMBARQ staff actively participating. The feedback received was very useful and will be considered as input for research in following years.
Top row: Orlando Strambi, Federico Von Buchwald, Toni Lindau, Juan Carlos Munoz, Mans Lonnroth
Middle row: Haris Koutsopoulos, Anders Brannstrom, Brendan Finn, Juan Miguel Velasquez, Vasco Reis, Chris Zegras, John Attanucci, Andre Cademartori, Amit Bhatt, Julian Arellana, Jose Viegas, Gerhard Menckhoff, Dario Hidalgo and Sam Zimmerman
Last row: Romulo Orrico, Brenda Medeiros, Anna Matias, Rosario Macario, Lake Sagaris, Daniela Faccini, Bianca Bianchi Alves

Ricardo Giesen, Aileen Carrigan, Luis Gutierrez, Fred Salvucci, Salvador Herrera also participated in the meeting but unfortunately skipped the picture.
These were the projects presented during the meeting:

  • Development of a Global BRT Database PDF presentation
  • BRT Busways and Traffic Safety PDF presentation
  • LS1 Assessing the Performance of BRT Systems – Econometric Modelling and Case Studies PDF presentation
  • LS2 Exploring the Complexity of Policy Design PDF presentation
  • LS3 BRT from vision to promise to delivery PDF presentation
  • LT1 Development, calibration and validation of bus-following model to support analyses and evaluation of alternative BRT strategies under different scenarios PDF presentation
  • LT4 Analysis of High-quality Bus Services in Larger Developed Cities PDF presentation
  • LT5 Modeling reliability, cost, travel times, safety, comfort and other relevant variables of modal choice PDF presentation
  • LO1 Explore innovative ways to manage and control BRT services PDF presentation
  • E1 Assessment of Needs in Training and Educational Gaps PDF presentation
  • BHLS Bus with High Level of Service PDF presentation

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