+ Research

The Research dimension of the BRT+ CoE is aimed towards the development of in-depth understanding of the many factors and relations underlying system performance, be it on a physical, financial, institutional or other dimensions.  This understanding will be useful for improving analytical methods to evaluate and develop BRT systems.

Since the first corridor started operating in 1974, a lot of information has been generated that has been used for the construction of other corridors around the world.  Nevertheless, we believe that only a rigorous, systematic and analytical approach to this information will contribute effectively towards the construction of excellent public transport systems.  This includes developing new tools and new guidelines that will improve people’s quality of life.

Our research is organized in 3 dimensions: Strategic (long-term, focused on the system as a whole), Tactical (mid-term, focused on a specific dimension of the system), and Operational (short-term, aimed towards solving important but isolated problems in the system).