Invitation: Mobilize Series. Connecting Communities Through Equitable Mobility Planning in Bogotá, Jalisco, and Peshawar. November 2nd | 10:00am EST


Date: November 2, 2022

Time: 9 AM COT, 10 AM EDT/ rebroadcast November 3rd at 3 PM EDT


In recent years, inclusion and equitable access have become priorities in informing the design of public spaces and public transport services. Transportation planning strategies are beginning to address the diverse roles and mobility needs of the users by recognizing the barriers faced by the most vulnerable populations, including women, the elderly, the special-needs population, and children. The resultant curb-cut effect has allowed transportation systems to enhance accessibility and affordability for all populations and promote health, safety, and equity while bolstering efficiency and economic activity in cities.

This deep-dive session highlights innovative strategies and interventions employed by past and current STA nominees and winners, including the 2022 STA-winning city Bogotá to create a socially and economically inclusive environment with a special focus on mobility for caregivers – many of whom are women from low-income households. Both the City of Peshawar, Pakistan, and the State of Jalisco, Mexico, are working on specific actions to address safety for women in public spaces and looking at how to design transport infrastructure to be truly inclusive. This session aims to foster a better understanding of mobility characteristics and needs of the city, policies, and design strategies for more equitable access to the city.

**The event will feature live interpretations in Spanish.

Organized by ITDP


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