+ Outreach

We hold meetings in which planners, enterprises, engineers and decision makers share their problems, perspectives and concerns of public transport modernization. The interactions become a valuable resource to advice the type of transformation a city’s public transport system needs, how to promote it among decision makers, citizens and the media and how to design, implement and operate it.

Past initiatives:

  • 2014 – Santiago, Chile: Metropolitan Directory of Public Transport (DTPM) permanent assessment
  • 2013 – Santiago, Chile: We organized a workshop for the Chilean government that gathered researchers from our CoE and professionals from national and local governments to define a new vision for the main avenue in Santiago. The Alameda-Providencia is expected to be a BRT corridor and improve significantly the quality of its urban space.
  • 2011 – Meeting with the Minister of Transports of Chile on transit fare policy. http://old.brt.cl/meeting-with-chilean-transport-minister-pedro-pablo-errazuriz/

SIBRT partnership:

The Latin-American Association of Integrated Public Transport Systems and BRT (SIBRT) gathers the largest and most innovative cities in terms of their public transport systems. Since 2011, the CoE has participated in each of their meetings offering our group as a technical arm for SIBRT. In particular, SIBRT facilitates the exchange of knowledge, produces “best practice” studies of the management, standardisation, and operation of urban public transport, and proactively promotes Integrated Systems and BRT adoption as the safest, most efficient and sustainable form of mass transit. CoE co-organizes meetings of SIBRT agencies’ officials to discuss benchmarking opportunities to improve quality of service and operational indicators.