+ Observatory

One of the main contributions of the BRT+ CoE is to provide an Observatory of BRT (or BRT-like) corridors worldwide. We gather data on successful and unsuccessful BRT projects, and use this information to feed our research and generate case studies focusing on critical aspects determining BRT performance. The Observatory also defines key indicators for performance benchmark analysis among BRT systems and to compare them with rail-based technologies.

The goal of this component is to build a database that will allow us to compare corridors worldwide, highlighting best practices and feeding our research models and questions.  This data is open to the public to contribute to researchers’ work around the world, especially those not working with the BRT+ CoE.  The general public can also review this data and compare it with other transit options.  Ideally, they can convince local decision makers of the benefits that BRT systems have in many cases, catalyzing their creation.

More in depth information has also been gathered to create detailed reports of certain BRT systems and corridors.  These serve as descriptions on successful corridors, identifying their strengths so other cities can adapt these to their local context.