+ Education

The objective of the educational stream of the BRT+ CoE is to use the knowledge gained from the Observatory and Research areas, covering all the planning and decision levels, in such a way that it generates added value to the real world of practitioners. Didactic materials to support teaching, education and training for regular and long-life learning will be produced with a market oriented perspective.

We hope to provide students and other life-long learners with sufficient tools to analyse different scenarios where BRT is possible, identifying the main challenges present and what benefits it might bring.  In order to do this, we plan to train students at different levels to become successful professionals through courses, programs and internships.  We also encourage students to research BRT-related subjects.  These theses can be found here.

Students are not the only ones that need to be trained to face the challenges of implementing BRT systems.  That is why we also organise workshops and seminars aimed towards researchers and other professionals.  These are held in different countries in order to expand global knowledge of BRT systems.

We also want to contact different researchers and professionals interested in BRT systems around the world through webinars, online conferences open to anyone who wants to see them.  With these, we hope to address different issues and viewpoints and open them to discussion in an easy and accessible way.

Finally, we also want to develop education material and tools to aid further training of students and professionals.