The 2024 STA Ceremony on Wednesday, February 7: Celebrating Tianjin, China and Peshawar, Pakistan

The Sustainable Transport Award (STA) continues to recognize cities that boldly advance sustainable urban mobility solutions and outcomes that respond to the climate crisis, inequalities, and economic disparities in our cities. The STA ceremony is proud to present the 2024 winner Tianjin, China, and the honorable mention Peshawar, Pakistan. Over the past 18 months, each city has demonstrated unique approaches to advancing sustainable urban mobility. The City of Tianjin, in a large-scale effort, improved access to the city through non-motorized transport interventions, while Peshawar facilitated the transition to a cleaner and more efficient bus system. We will also spotlight past winners and the 2024 nominees, whose stories and ongoing efforts can help inspire other cities to take action. Join us as we open the 2024 season with new insights and inspiring examples  as we continue building the STA community.