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We are very pleased to celebrate with our BRT+ partner, the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS), their 30th anniversary. On this occasion we share the news of how it was the celebration of this third decade of existence of the institute:

ITLS 30th Anniversary Ceremony

After a twelve-month postponement and under the shroud of some lingering social restrictions (no dancing or singing!), ITLS was finally able to celebrate our 30th year of existence, in our 31st year. Although impacted by COVID in that attendance numbers were restricted and our overseas guests were unable to attend in person, 130 of our friends and colleagues came together on a chilly May evening under the imposing eye of Vergil Lo Schiavo’s Mankind mural in the stately confines of the University’s Holme Building Refectory to mark the gala event. Over three magnificent hours, we were able to reflect on our many achievements, commend our outstanding academics and students and acknowledge the exceptional leadership of Founding Director, Professor David Hensher. Show less

Short addresses were made by Professor Stephen Garton, Vice-Chancellor, Mr Rob Sharp, Secretary at Transport for NSW, Professor John Shields, Academic Director, International, The University of Sydney Business School, ITLS Alumni, Helen Battellino, Professor Michiel Bliemer, Chair in Transport and Logistics Network Modelling, ITLS while Deputy Director Professor Rico Merkert introduced a video salutation from Professor Emerita Corinne Mulley in the UK. This was followed by a sumptuous meal allowing plenty of time for catching up with old friends and networking with new ones.

Post-dinner was the all-important presentation of awards where the following students were recognised for their outstanding academic achievements in what has been a difficult year:

Wendy and Christopher Adam Prize for the highest academic achievement in the Master of Transport program in 2020.
Recipient: Van (Ken) Ho

Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia Award for Excellence for the highest academic achievement in the Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
Recipient: Qiaoyan Yu (Qiao–Yan Yu)

GS1 Australia Contemporary Procurement Prize for the highest academic achievement in the Contemporary Procurement Unit.
Recipient: Alan Ma

GS1 Australia Production and Operations Management Prize for the highest academic achievement in the Production and Operations Management Unit.
Recipient: Monica Basuki

Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies Prize for excellence in postgraduate research in transport, logistics or supply chain management.
Recipient: Henry Cheung

Peter Koning Memorial Award for the domestic student with the highest academic achievement in a transport, infrastructure and/or logistics and supply chain management specialisation in the Master of Commerce.
Recipient: Andrew James Iemma

The Mrs MA Ching Prize for the international student with the highest academic achievement in a transport, infrastructure and/or logistics and supply chain management specialisation in the Master of Commerce.
Recipient: Ze Wang

The COVID situation meant that many of our special international guests were unable to attend but via the wonders of technology, we were entertained with short video presentations from four of our ITLS friends from overseas; Professor Daneel Van Lill Executive Dean, College of Business and Economics at University of Johannesburg, Professor Jackie Walters, Transport & Supply Chain Management and Director of ITLS Africa, University of Johannesburg, Professor Juan de Dios Ortúzar, Emeritus Professor of Transport Engineering, Department of Transport Engineering and Logistics, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Dr Wai Yan Leong Alumni of ITLS), Chief Transport Economist – Land Transport Authority (LTA) Singapore.

Although we would have loved to have had them there in person, it was wonderful to hear the personal stories about their respective relationships with the Institute. The evening also saw the official launch of the ITLS 30th Celebration Video; a visual collaboration between GS1 Australia and ITLS, featuring generous tributes from the likes of the Hon. Andrew Constance, Minister for Transport and Roads, the Hon. Bob Carr (former Premier of NSW), previous and current Vice Chancellors, Michael Spence and Professor Stephen Garton and the Business School Dean, Professor Greg Whitwell.

Finally, it was over to the man himself, Professor David Hensher, who gave the final address including recognition of the ITLS Veterans, all of who were present on the night. In a 15-minute speech, David gave a history of ITLS and our impressive journey to where we now find ourselves in our 30th year.

And so, we reflect on an incredibly successful three decades and look forward to the coming years in which we trust that ITLS will continue to be an exemplar of thought leadership in transport, infrastructure, logistics and supply chain management. In the immortal words of David ….”while it is nice to be important, it is even more important to be nice, and that is what ITLS represents».

A huge thank you to all of the amazing people who contributed to making the evening such a success.