José Reyes joined our team as Coordinator of the Centre

In BRT+ the role of the coordinator of the Centre is to administrate the different contracts and financing that are involved in the research projects. In addition, the coordinator must keep track of the general advances of the researches, collect the outputs and ensure that the results are disseminated.

José had worked as a research assistant in ADU2020, an international initiative focused on new teaching strategies and curricula on the field architecture, urbanism, and design; and then he joined CEDEUS on 201X as .

Regarding his new position, José told us about what can we expect from the centre this year. «One aspect we desire to emphasize during 2019 is the dissemination of our research. With that in mind, we will produce a series of short online videos about our current research activity. Also, we are very excited about the production of our firsts BRT+ MOOCs, which will be available during this year and, of course, we will continue producing Webinars and activities to promote our publications and public appearances of our researchers».