Event Wrap Up: BRT+ General Assembly 2019

During the last day of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) 98th Annual Meeting and before Transforming Transportation conference, in Washington, we had had our BRT+ General Assembly. Here we presented some of the main projects of the Centre during 2018 and interchanged feedback in order to improve our work this year. The meeting was held on January 16th, at the World Resources Institute (WRI) offices.


We had the following presentations:

  • Chris Zegras Scaling up innovative participatory design for public transportation planning.
  • Sebastián Raveau Valuating improvements on the accessibility to public transport for people with reduced mobility or disability.
  • Yale Wong ITLS and the bus industry: Partners, projects and programs.
  • Gary Hayes An operations analysis of open versus closed services for the Rea Vaya BRT in Johannesburg.
  • Cristina Albuquerque Improving public transport quality throught benchmarking analysis.
  • Yale Wong Showcasing ITLS: Shining the spotlight on our MaaS research.
  • Shenhao Wang Risk Preference and Autonomous Vehicles.
  • Ignacio Tiznado A holistica analysis of transport-related inequalities among socioeconomic groups in Santigo, Chile.
  • Jaime Soza-Parra Public transport reliability causes and effects.
  • Hongmou Zhang Gender, Social Interaction, and Mobility Sharing.
  • Cristina Albuquerque BRTData.org: updates and next steps.