BRT+ Students participated in a multidisciplinary course that took them to Mexico

The aim of the course was to coordinate different areas of knowledge in order to solve a complex problem in an urban setting. The problem was to revitalize an urban axis in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico, through a Transist Oriented Development aproach, known as TOD for its abbreviation.

As part of this course, students from PUC, Chile, and from MIT, USA, had the opportunity to travel to Guadalajara to make field visits and analyze the phenomena in the place to intervene. For a week the students met in this city, amd e a shared diagnosis and interviewed with local authorities.

During the semester the work continued through on-line meetings and corrections guided by teachers from each faculty. Ricardo Hurtubia and Rosanna Forray from Chile and Christopher Zegras, from MIT, guided the courses, all of them members of BRT+