BRT+ Researcher at Mobilize Conference, Fortaleza, Brazil

Between June 22nd and June 27th, several BRT+ researchers gathered at Mobilize Conference, which was held in Fortaleza, Brazil. Ricardo Giesen, Juan Carlos Muñoz, Lake Sagaris and Jaime Soza from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile attended the event, as well as Christo Venter, from University of Pretoria and Darío Hidalgo and Guillermo Petzhold, from WRI.

Ricardo Giesen, Juan Carlos and Lake Sagaris participed as speakers and moderators during the activity. Ricardo led the Workshop titled Rapid AND Reliable Buses. Juan Carlos moderated the session called What Makes Buses Work. Meanwhile Lake was one of the main speakers in the plenarium titled How to Create Harmonious Cities.

Also, as a side event of the conferece there were two Workshops organized be VREF: the first one involving young researchers and PhD students; the second involving senior researchers. Both were attended by BRT+ members.

Finally, on Thursday 27th the BRT+ Workshop Integrating New Mobility Apps into Public Transport was held. Three invited speakers presented their work: Ciro Biderman, describing the app regulation implemented in Sao Paulo; Hugo Santana, from HP Transportes Goiania, presenting their shared mobility solution; and Luiz Saboia, from the city of Fortaleza, presenting their bike-public transport integrated system.