Looking forward to Mobilize 2018

Our partners from the Institute for Transportation and Development (ITDP) are working hard preparing the annual sustainable transport summit, Mobilize. Meanwhile, we want to show you why you might be interested in this event and how can participate even though there are still 3 months left for the event.

  1. As you remember last year summit was held in Santiago, Chile. This year the city that will host us in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
  2. The organization has released some of the speakers. Here you can check if there is someone from your country.
  3. We recommend watching the TEDx talk from the keynote speaker, Christian Benimana.
  4. You can nominate your city for the Sustainable Transport Awar until April 13th 

Stay in touch for more information about Mobilize 2018. And if you have never been to the summit, here is a video for you to understand what are we talking about.

MOBILIZE Santiago 2017 Full from ITDP on Vimeo.