BRT Members participate in Conference in Argentina

The Andean Development Corporation – Development Bank of Latin America has organized a new event about Infrastructure and sustainable development. In this opportunity 3 members of our Centre has presented, Darío Hidalgo, from World Resources Institute (WRI), Juan Carlos Muñoz, Director of BRT+ Centre of Excellence, and Lake Sagaris, Assistant Professor  at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Researcher in BRT Centre of Excellence and Centre for Sustainable Urban Development (CEDEUS).


In the picture is Lake Sagaris talking in the third Panel of the journey about Accessibility and Connectivity for productive cities. With any doubt, she marked a highlight of the event when she answered the question how is gender equality considered in mobility planning,


When we talk about gender equality, we are not referring to a minority. We are talking about a majority that has been excluded and not considered when planning. And this is not a butterfly effect, it is more like an earthquake effect.




Here you can watch the Panel in which Darío participated.

Here you can watch the Panel in which Juan Carlos and Lake participated.