The cooperation with VREF has been prolonged for 5 more years


“After a six year-period of trustworthy collaboration with the VREF, the Centre delivered most interesting results that proved to be most useful. The successful operation has now led to a renewed cooperation funded by VREF.” These were the words from VREF web site to BRT-CoE.

The vision of Volvo Research and Educational Foundations (VREF), through the Future Urban Transport Program – How to deal with the complexity of urban transport (FUT), is the sustainable transport for equitable access in urban areas. Therefore, VREF supports research within the FUT programme by a variety of instruments, e.g: Centres of Excellence (CoE), Single Projects and Meeting Places. The projects and CoEs are expected to maintain the highest scientific quality and to work together with local actors that can utilize their results. VREF´s calls for proposals are based upon an analysis of which areas are particularly important and where research and/or educational activities can make the biggest difference. All proposals are reviewed by the VREF Scientific Council, and sometimes also by expert evaluators assigned by VREF. This achievement is great and make us feel very proud as Centre.

The VREF inspires, initiates and supports research and educational activities promoting sustainable transport for fair access in urban areas. They aim to nurture processes of change and transformative capacity in cities as well as in businesses.

More information about this achievement here.