Global recognition for transport expert who has helped “shaped the way we live”

Research by economist, Professor David Hensher, the Director of the Business School’s Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, has now been cited more than 40 thousand times in scholarly publications.

The number of citations is an Australian record for an economist specialising in transport, infrastructure and logistics and reaffirms Professor Hensher’s place amongst the world’s leading experts in the field.

Internationally, Professor Hensher is particularly well known for his work in the development and application of quantitative methods for studying individual choice in a way that can assist with the planning for future transport services and infrastructure.

In 1977, this work lead to the adoption of the ‘Hensher formula for valuation of business travel’, which is now used worldwide.

With nearly 6,000 citations, Professor Hensher’s most cited work is titled ‘Stated choice methods: analysis and applications’, which was published by Cambridge University Press in 2000. This is followed by ‘Applied choice analysis: a primer’ with more than 3,000 citations.

Beyond transport, infrastructure and logistics, Professor Hensher is ranked in the top 12 economists in Australia with his work in marketing, accounting and finance widely cited here and abroad.

Professor Hensher’s work has also been recognised through a large number of national and international awards for research excellence and his outstanding contribution to the transport sector.

Established by Professor Hensher in 1991, the Institute for Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS) has acquired a global reputation for outstanding research in transport, infrastructure and logistics.

In June this year, the Shanghai based Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) ranked the ITLS in the top ten centres in the field of transport science and technology.

At the time, Professor Hensher welcomed the ranking as “continuing evidence of the high quality and impact of research undertaken by ITLS”.

Congratulating Professor Hensher on his citation milestone, the Acting Dean of the Business School, Professor John Shields, said the work undertaken by the Director of the ITLS “has and will continue to shape our cities into the future”.

“Professor Hensher has devoted himself to improving the way we travel, the way we work and the way we live,” Professor Shields concluded. “Every one of these citations is a testament to his towering contribution in his field.”

Source: ITLS – University of Sydney