Event Wrap Up: General Assembly at Thredbo15

Our General Assembly this year was held on Sunday August 13, 12:00 – 16:00 at the Ragnar room, Stockholm School of Economics.

general assembly_opt

We have the following attendees confirmed:

  1. Allen, Jaime (PUC)
  2. Aranda, Viviana (PUC)
  3. Balbontin, Camila (USYD)
  4. Bragdon, David (Transit Center)
  5. Clifton, Geoffrey (USYD)
  6. Currie, Graham (Monash University)
  7. Dragicevic, Marina (PUC)
  8. Galilea, Patricia (PUC)
  9. Giesen, Ricardo (PUC)
  10. Guarda, Pablo (UCL)
  11. Gullberg, Anders (Cenre for Sustainable Communications)
  12. Hensher, David (USYD)
  13. Hidalgo, Darío (WRI)
  14. Ho, Chinh Quoc (USYD)
  15. Jackson, Jason (MIT)
  16. Jiang, Sida (WSP Group)
  17. Leishman, Adam (Tower Transit)
  18. Lionjanga, Nahungu (UP)
  19. Lonnroth, Mans (VREF)
  20. Maia, Maria Leonor (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco)
  21. Medeiros, Brenda (WRI Brasil)
  22. Mokonyama, Mathetha (CSIR)
  23. Moya, Jaime (PUC)
  24. Mulley, Corinne (USYD)
  25. Muñoz, Juan Carlos (PUC)
  26. Nolmark, Henrik (VREF)
  27. Peña, Elizabeth (PUC)
  28. Royle, David (Forest Coach Lines)
  29. Sagaris, Lake (PUC)
  30. Schmidt, Alejandro (PUC)
  31. Smith, Neil (Tower Transit)
  32. Stanley, John (USYD)
  33. Stone, Alastair (USYD)
  34. Venter, Christo (UP)
  35. Wilson, Nigel (MIT)
  36. Wong, Yale (USYD)
  37. Yen, Barbara (USYD)
  38. Zegras, Christopher (MIT)
  39. Ziebart, Jonathan (Tower Transit)

general assembly 2_opt

As in previous years, the General Assembly was proved to be a great success. Assistants had the chance to observe and give feedback to the progress reached by the projects in the Centre.

These were the projects presented during the meeting:

general assembly 3_opt