Our book was reviewed and published in JAPA

Libro BRT

Our book called “Restructuring Public Transport through Bus Rapid Transit” was reviewed by Journal of the American Planning Association (JAPA) on January 5th, 2017.

Since 1935, JAPA has published research, commentaries, and book reviews useful to practicing planners, policy makers, scholars, students, and citizens of urban, suburban, and rural areas. JAPA publishes only peer-reviewed, original research and analysis. It aspires to bring insight to planning the future, to air a variety of perspectives, to publish the highest quality work, and to engage readers.

On January 11th, 2016, the BRT Center of Excellence launched the book called “Restructuring Public Transport through Bus Rapid Transit.” This new resource provides researchers, students and decision makers an overview of how cities can effectively implement BRT in a variety of contexts to solve local transport challenges. The editors of the book are Juan Carlos Munoz, Director of the Bus Rapid Transit Centre of Excellence and Director of the Multi-disciplinary Centre of Sustainable Urban Development, and Laurel Paget-Seekins, Director of Strategic Initiatives of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA).

On January 5th, 2017, the JAPA published an article about this book. The book was reviewed by Thomas C. Cornille, AICP. He is a practicing urban planner in the San Francisco Bay Area focusing on issues concerning railways and public transportation in the United States and globally. He highlights the academic, reflected on literature reviews and considerations of theory, and applied viewpoints of our book and its potential influence on planners to take action. He concludes that our book could help planners in the United States with interests in BRT to initiate conversations on how to improve transportation services in their communities, and connect to a world of practical academic research on public transportation.

More information of JAPA’s article at; https://www.planning.org/japa/