Young Jakartans Explore Their City on BRT system Transjakarta

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Site Visit Busway is a program based in Jakarta, Indonesia aimed at promoting the city and their BRT system, Transjakarta. Transjakarta started operations in 2004 and is one of the longest BRT systems in the world. As of January 2016, the ridership is 320,000 passengers per day. This program, spearheaded and executed by ITDP Indonesia staff members Yoga Adiwinarto, Anggi Siregar, and Ria Roida Minarta Sitompul, is open to the public but specifically targeted towards children between the ages of 7 – 14. Its aim is to introduce young people to BRT as a mode of transportation from an early age. It is also designed as a way to show the community how Transjakarta can be used to visit many Jakarta tourist attractions. On the trip, the participants are taken on a Transjakarta tour where they learn about the BRT system and the stories behind each tourist attraction along the Transjakarta corridor.

Some of the stops on the Transjakarta corridor include the National Museum at Monas station, the Balai Kota (City Hall), and the Fatahillah Museum in Kota Tua (Old Batavia area). While Site Visit Busway provides tours for people from diverse backgrounds, ITDP Indonesia hopes to provide more tours with a variety of routes for underprivileged children in Jakarta who have not had the chance to travel with the BRT system.

You can find more information on Site Visit Busway including how to donate a visit by going to the Site Visit Busway website or visiting their Facebook page.

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