The BRT Standard is here!

Original post by ITDP

The BRT Standard is the centerpiece of a global effort by leaders in bus transportation design to establish a common definition of bus rapid transit (BRT) and ensure that BRT systems more uniformly deliver world-class passenger experiences, significant economic benefits, and positive environmental impacts.

BRT plays an important role in the global effort to reduce transport sector emissions. As emissions from private motor vehicle use grow, shifting these trips onto public transit by improving the quality and reach of BRT becomes critical. Establishing a quality standard for BRT not only ensures that better projects are built, but that transport sector emissions are reduced.

The BRT Standard scoring system was created as a way of protecting the BRT brand and offering recognition to high quality BRT systems around the world. Certifying a BRT corridor as gold, silver, bronze, or basic sets an internationally recognized standard for the current best practice for BRT.

Here you can find it!