TRANSURBANO 2015: First International Encounter for Public Transport and Intermodality in Chile

The Association of Urban Surface Transportation Dealers (ACTUS for its initials in Spanish) is an entity that brings together six of the companies providing Transantiago’s bus services for Santiago, Chile. This organization will hold Transurbano 2015: the First International Encounter for Public Transport and Intermodality, an unprecedented experience of debate and analysis in the country.  This will happen under the framework of promoting products and strengthening brands that have historically contributed to improve transit service.

The conditions and levels of pressure on the transport system in Santiago have evolved into truly critical conditions. Chile’s capital is no longer the city it was 10 years ago. A rapid demographic and land expansion has shaped Santiago into an extensive city with wide specialization in land use and concentrating the points of attraction of origin and destination of trips at very specific places. Additionally, today there are 500,000 more cars in the city. Along with the above, this fact generates more and longer trips, aggravating congestion.

The meeting will be divided into two events: the «Santiago and Urban Transport: the final leap» congress and the «First Fair of Sustainable Transport». Both activities will take place in the Mapocho Station Cultural Center during the 9th and 10th of September. This event counts with the sponsorship of the Chilean Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications. The Latin American Association of Integrated Systems and BRT (SIBRT) and the Centre for Sustainable Urban Development (CEDEUS) are also involved in its organization. On the other hand, our Centre of Excellence BRT is among its sponsors, along with the Catholic University of Chile, the Metropolitan Public Transport Directory, the Chilean Society of Transportation Engineering, the City and Territory Laboratory of Diego Portales University and the Metropolitan Technological University.


The «Santiago and Urban Transport: the Final Leap» Congress seeks to bring together the different stakeholders in the system: government, operators, providers of buses, products and services, academics, students, the civil society and, in general, representatives of the different transportation modes used to get around the city.

During this event of reflection and dialogue, it is expected to identify and design optimal strategies to improve public transport in order to move towards a more sustainable city.

Fair of Sustainable Transport

In parallel, and under the same framework, the first Fair of Sustainable Transportation will be set up. This event represents a great opportunity for suppliers of vehicles, accessories, replacements and services, to dialogue with the great local and regional dealers to strengthen trade ties through the diffusion of innovations and proposals.

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