Released: New version of

After a hard work lead by BRT CoE’s member EMBARQ, the site is now fully updated! On one side, the database itself was expanded, including today 189 cities in 42 countries. That means detailed indicators about 4.907 km of Bus Rapid Transit lines around the world serving more than 31,3 million passengers per day!


On the other side, the new layout also incorporates very interesting and useful features. Now cities can have their corridors presented in maps, together with a photo gallery of the system. Already 37 cities count with mapped corridors and 70 have photos, and in the future it is expected to include more and more systems through collaborative work.


BRTData 2
Other examples of cities which already have photos and corridors on the map are Belo Horizonte, Bogotá, Helsinki and Mexico City


The brand new menu «BRT Panorama» allows users to choose between systems or corridors to compare different indicators. The feature allows to customize the analysis using two kinds of representations for both levels of BRT implementations. This is additional to the search by location or indicator of past versions, that show the complete diversity on the database.


BRTData 3
This is a cross system analysis from selected cities