Director presents strategies to improve bus regularity at Etransport

Last week the Director of the BRT Center of Excellence Juan Carlos Muñoz was invited to participate in the Etransport Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He participated in the Panel named  “Excellence in Transport: BRT – Best Practices”, which discussed the best practices of BRT systems around the world. The presentation of professor Muñoz was «Driving support system», about results on the topic of bus headway control in real time, developed by the BRT CoE.

This research emerges from the Ph.D thesis of Felipe Delgado, who developed a control model that has proven to trigger positive impacts both in simulation contexts and pilot implementations in bus services of Santiago de Chile. This project has received support from the Innova-Corfo project of the chilean government, a MISTI project by MIT, within the framework of the BRT Centre of Excellence and CEDEUS.

In the following link there is an interview with Juan Carlos Muñoz in Spanish about the development of BRT corridors in Rio de Janeiro. Also this presentation showed in the Conference can be found below (Spanish).