BRT Centre of Excellence will publish a book

As a capstone for 5 years of investigations, the BRT Centre of Excellence is working on a book describing the results obtained by our researchers. The goal of the book is to tie all of our multidisciplinary research projects together to illustrate how BRT isn’t a particular mode or set of operational challenges, but a key part of a fundamental restructuring of the public transport sector in growing cities with wide-ranging impacts. The book, designed to be accessible to researchers in all related fields and practitioners, will be released in September 2015.

Edited by Juan Carlos Muñoz and Laurel Paget-Seekins, this volume is organized into three sections. The first section covers the changing institutional relationships between the (mostly) private bus operators, government authorities, and the public. The second section addresses operations and design of networks to make service efficient, rapid, and reliable. Finally, the third section examines how to integrate BRT into the existing city and transport infrastructure. Within each section, each chapter will discuss the opportunities and challenges BRT provides within that topic and the state of the current research in this area.