Transjakarta buses to be much more flexible soon

Source: The Jakarta Post


The Transjakarta Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) will operate more articulated buses to cope with the increase in people using public transport, an official says.

Ten of the new articulated buses — manufactured by Chinese bus manufacturer Zhongtong — went on the road last week in Corridor 1, the route between Blok M in the south and Kota in the north.

An articulated bus can accommodate up to 160 passengers, while a normal single bus can only transport 85 passengers.

“We will cut waiting time with these buses. Some of the old buses will be retired and replaced with these new buses,” Transjakarta chief Muhammad Akbar said on Saturday.

“The new buses should balance the expected increase in Transjakarta passengers this year,” he said.

At the moment, Transjakarta carries 320,000 passengers per day.

Corridors 1 and 8 (Lebak Bulus to Harmoni) will have 66 new “flexible” buses early this year.

Another 36 buses will run on the new Corridor 12 (Tanjung Priok to Pluit via Manggadua in the north of the city) that is expected to open this January.

The natural-gas-fueled buses are equipped with closed circuit television (CCTV) to ensure the safety of passengers.

“CCTV footage can be used as an evidence should any crime occur in the buses. It is also useful for the drivers to monitor the passengers,” he said.
Fika Rahmi, 23, a Transjakarta passenger, said that the CCTV would be very useful to prevent crime and sexual abuse of female passenger using the service.

“Even though the buses already provide female-only spaces, they are cramped most of the time, and the passengers are intimidated, be it from harassment or pickpockets. I think CCTV will help prevent these things happening in the future,” she said.

“However, these new facilities should be looked after by the passengers. The interiors of most of the buses nowadays are wrecked, the doors are jammed and the overhead straps are detached. I don’t know how long these CCTV cameras will last if the passengers don’t change their attitude,” said the advertising agency employee.

Lariza Adisty, 23, hopes the new articulated buses will cut the waiting time and be less crowded.

“One of the reasons that people are reluctant to travel with Transjakarta is because the buses are overcrowded most of the time. It’s not as comfortable as it could be. It is really not much different from the non-air conditioned minibuses,” she said.