Preview: Chengdu BRT stations and elevated road (video)

Source: GoChengdoo

Chengdu BRT 1

A preview of the elevated Second Ring Road and BRT stations was released on January in the form of digital still renderings and a video.

Chengdu BRT 2

The video gives a brief introduction to the system, or just fast forward to 3:45 to watch a bird’s eye view lap of the entire ring, starting from Rennan Lijiaoqiao, all set to a dramatic score.

Some highlights:

Chengdu BRT 3

– There will be 28 stations along the 28.3 – kilometer track, spaced approximately 1 kilometer apart.

Chengdu BRT 4

– Six stations — Hongpai Lou, Kehua Bei Lu, Dong Da Jie, Jinsha, North Railway Station, and Jianshe Bei Lu — will feature distinct design characteristics, such as the golden sun bird unearthed at Jinsha that is an official emblem of the city.

Chengdu BRT 5

– The other 22 stations will be located at (counter clockwise, from the north): Shanghuo Dadao, Southwest Jiaotong University, North Yingmenkou, North Shuhan Lukou, Funan New District, Guanghua Dadao, Qingshuihe, Shaoling Lu, Lidu Lu, Zijing Bei Lu, East Rennan Lijiaoqiao, East Lake Park, Chengren Gongjiao Station, Longzhou Lu, Lianhua Xiaoqu, Niushikou, South Shuangqiaozi, North Shuangqiaozi, Wannianchang, Jianshe Nan Lu, Taoxi Lu, Sanyou Lu, and Gaosuntang.

Chengdu BRT 6

– All stations except for the East Rennan Lijiaoqiao station will be on the elevated roadway.

Chengdu BRT 7

– Every station is within 120 meters of another public-transit station.

Chengdu BRT 8

– Adjustments will be made to the 90 bus stations currently lining the Second Ring Road so that they integrate with the BRT stations for ease of transfer.

Chengdu BRT 9

– The system will have an operational capacity of 250,000 passengers per day.

Chengdu BRT 10

– The buses will run at an average speed of 25 kmph.

Chengdu BRT 11

– The entire system is expected to be in operation this June.