Lessons for Indore: study tour of Ahmedabad's Janmarg

Source: EMBARQ
Experts exchange best practices of bus rapid transit in Indian cities.
EMBARQ India organized a comparative study tour of Janmarg, the bus rapid transit system (BRTS) in Ahmedabad, with officials from Atal Indore City Transport Services Ltd. (AICTSL).
EMBARQ India organized the study tour to Ahmedabad, home to one of the most successfully implemented BRT systems in India, to give the AICTSL team the opportunity to witness the benefits of the BRT system and to help them understand the issues faced during implementation, the design changes that enhanced performance, operations and monitoring, contracting procedures, and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).
As a result of the study tour, AICTSL is looking to improve the infrastructure of its own buses, depots and workshops in Indore. The Mayor of Indore approved the construction of 21 BRT stations on the AB Road pilot corridor, totaling 11.8 kilometers in length. The construction work has started and is expected to finish in six months.
The city agency also plans to custom-make the buses similar in design to the Janmarg buses, which would reduce the cost of buses by 20 percent and expedite the delivery of buses by three months. In addition, AICTSL plans to implement the gross cost model, which would mean greater connectivity to areas with low ridership, as opposed to operators choosing only profitable routes if they used the net cost model.
EMBARQ India continues to engage with AICTSL in providing knowledge, guidance and expertise as the city implements the project.
AICTSL runs Indore’s bus systems and currently operates 107 buses on 16 routes in the city. The agency is slated to further expand the network into rural areas and towns around Indore. AICTSL is responsible for the planning, management and implementation of the bus service, while private operators are in charge of bus operations. AICTSL will be the implementing agency for the BRTS pilot project.
Study tour participants:

  • Dr. Gautam Singh, Joint Collector & CEO (AICTSL), Govt. of Madhya Pradesh
  • Rahul Shrouty, Technical Manager, AICTSL
  • Mohammad Irfan, Accounts Manager, AICTSL
  • Sandeep Trivedi, Operation Manager, AICTSL
  • Prashanth Bachu, Project Manager-Urban Transport, EMBARQ India
  • Tabrez Syed, Associate-Urban Transport, EMBARQ India

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