Congress Brings Together International Experts on Urban Transport

«High Quality Urban Public Transportation for All,» is the goal of the 18 managing public transport agencies from seven Latin American countries, that today make up the Latin American Association of Integrated Systems and BRT – SIBRT. To achieve this goal, the Association with the support of the best organizations and experts from around the world, will meet from April 25-26 in the City of Leon, Mexico, during the Second Congress «Best Practices SIBRT in Latin America.»
The event, which will be held at Radisson Poliforum Plaza Hotel in the City of León, will also provide participants with the opportunity to get introduced to the most modern equipment and technologies of the public transport sector. In addition, a trade show will bring together key industry suppliers, thereby creating an excellent business environment.
Organized by SIBRT, and with the support from the Directorate of Mobility of the City of Leon, the City Hall of Leon, and EMBARQ Network, this event, in its second year, will address issues that have been prioritized by the major public transportation agencies in Latin America:

  • Public Policy for Sustainable Transportation
  • Financing the Integrated Transport Systems
  • Road Safety of Urban Bus Systems
  • Quality of Service and User Satisfaction

At the event, these issues will be addressed by internationally renowned experts, such as Felipe Targa Rodriguez, who will speak on the theme «Public Policy for Sustainable Transport in Colombia.» As Colombian Vice-Minister of Transportation, Targa has extensive experience in the transportation sector, especially the work of the National Planning Department of Colombia in the National Urban Transport Program; in addition to his important work at BID. Another expert, Luis Aparicio Gutierrez, Strategic Director for Latin America of EMBARQ Network and Executive Secretary of SIBRT, will address the issue of Public Policy, with a presentation titled «Notes for a Public Policy for Sustainable Transport in Latin America.» Also, O.P. Agarwal, Senior Urban Transport at the World Bank, will speak about the experience of public policy in India, as well as on the program of world leaders in urban transport driven by the World Bank.
On the theme, «Financing Integrated Transport Systems,» an expert Julian Sastre, Engineer, Vice-President of the Forum of Infrastructure and Services of Spain, will speak on «Lessons of Experience and Challenges in Europe». In the same session, the Latin American experience will be highlighted with the presentation of the Brazilian agencies URBS, from Curitiba, BHTrans, Belo Horizonte, in addition to Transantiago, from Santiago, Chile. The General Manager of the Transmilenio, and President of SIBRT, Carlos Garcia Botero will also present a lecture on «Financial Model of the Integrated Transport of Bogotá.»
In the session titled «Road Safety of Urban Bus Systems,» Brenda Medeiros, Transport Coordinator of EMBARQ Brazil, will present a «Summary of Best Brazilian Experience in Road Safety for Bus Systems: Conclusions and Plan of Action from the Workshop of the Brazilian Chapter of SIBRT.» On the same theme, experiences and programs adopted by the agencies Protransporte, from Lima, Megabus, from Pereira, and Metrobus, from Mexico City will be presented.
Another important theme “Image of the BRT Systems,” that has gained prominence among the managers of public transport is relevant to the image of BRT (Bus Rapid Transit). Therefore, the Organization has planned a special session in which the issue will be addressed by experts. The presentations will be given by Rejane D. Fernandes, Director of Strategic Relations and Development of EMBARQ Brazil and SIBRT´s Senior Advisor, who will speak on «Brazilian Experiences in Marketing for BRT,» and Angelica Vesga, Communications Director of EMBARQ / CTS Mexico, who will present the Mexican experience on the subject.
The event ends with the session dedicated to «Quality of Service and User Satisfaction,» which will be conducted by three experts: Sam Zimmermann, a Specialist in Urban Transport, Juan Carlos Muñoz, Head of the Centre of Excellence ALC BRT, and Darío Hidalgo, Director of Research and Practice of EMBARQ.
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