Xiamen BRT to take measures to ease rush hour jam

Source: What’s On Xiamen

According to an online survey on passenger satisfaction released by Xiamen BRT, 90% of the passengers rated the BRT service as ‘crowded’. In order to ease the rush hour jam, Xiamen BRT will take measures suggested by passengers starting from June 15th, reports Strait Herald.
First, LED screens at BRT platforms will be remade. Passenger information systems in LED screens will be distinguished by red, green and yellow. The new information system is expected to be finished in mid-July.
Second, rails will be set up to direct passengers to queue up for the BRT buses orderly.
Third, considering short-distance passengers (1-3 stations) accounting for a large proportion, BRT may raise prices of the short-distance ticket to limit passenger flow volume during rush hours. (It takes less time for short-distance passengers to take buses than BRT)
Fourth, based on passenger flow volume, BRT lines will be adjusted and directly sent to some stations with large passenger flow, such as Xiamen Railway Station (daily highest passenger flow volume: 40,000) in rush hours (7.am-8.am and 5.pm-6.pm).
Finally, some seats will be removed to offer more space for passengers. However, considering long-distance passengers, it is impossible to remove parts of seats in all BRT‘s.
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