Rio de Janeiro's Transoeste BRT Corridor Still On Schedule

First 32 kilometers to be partially operational by May 2012
Source: EMBARQ
Photo by Prefeitura do Rio, Transoeste under construction
EMBARQ Brasil performed a one-day roadmap framing workshop to promote knowledge and get commitment among the stakeholders involved in implementing the first bus rapid transit (BRT) corridor in Rio de Janeiro, known as Transoeste («Transwest.»)
The roadmap framing workshop convened 21 people who discussed the project’s risks and mitigation actions, created the opportunity statement, and developed the timeline of the project.
By May 2012, the first phase of the Transoeste corridor (32 kilometers) is scheduled to be operational, and by 2013, the 56 kilometers should be completely operational.
The Transoeste corridor will link the area of Barra da Tijuca with the districts of Santa Cruz and Campo Grande. When it is completed, the corridor will measure 56 kilometers long, with 53 stations. The high-performance BRT system is expected to reduce travel time by half between the districts it serves, which are located in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro.
The roadmap framing workshop was held in the auditorium of the Municipal Secretariat for Transport, with the participation of the technical team, operators and project managers. Luis Antonio Lindau, director of EMBARQ Brasil, led the event, with the support of Daniela Facchini, project and operational director, both members of our CoE.
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