New corridor opens on Arequipa's Bolivar and Sucre streets

Pedestrian-only paths mark progress for planned BRT system.

Source: EMBARQ

Photo: Henry Zuñiga

The city of Arequipa, Peru transformed its downtown Bolivar and Sucre Streets into pedestrian-only areas, as part of the ongoing construction work to prepare for the new System of Integrated Transport (SIT).

Mayor Simón Balbuena Marroquín unveiled the newly renovated streets in an opening ceremony on December 6. The city is still waiting to complete the remaining road infrastructure and select bus operators for the new bus rapid transit (BRT) system that will pass through the historic city center.

More than 147 homes along Bolivar and Sucre Streets received a new facade. The roads were re-constructed with new asphalt and concrete, complementary to the distinct character of the historic «White City» of Arequipa, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Improvements were also made to the water and sewage services and underground wiring. The corridor also includes new decorative street furniture, such as benches, metal trash cans, and trees.

Balbuena emphasized that, in spite of the project being stalled for three months because of political reasons, the new construction brings the SIT-AQP BRT project one step closer to reality, especially for residents living along the corridor.

Arequipa Mayor-Elect Alfredo Zegarra Tejada has promised to support the project, which includes maintaining the bidding process for operations and management, contracting finances from the Andean Development Corp. (CAF), and constructing additional infrastructure, when he assumes his new position on January 1.

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