€1bn plan to increase bus patronage by 50% in Dublin by speeding up trips unveiled

A plan to increase bus patronage by 50% in Dublin through bus rapid transit and ‘next generation’ bus corridors has been unveiled by the Irish Government and the National Transport Authority. The ‘BusConnects’ programme aims to ensure that «just about everybody will be able to beat the congestion by using the bus rather than a […]

Buenos Aires integrated urban renewal project wins global transport award

Metrobus 9 de Julio project honoured at summit of transport ministers / Special mentions for iRAP road safety programme and Istanbul metro The successful inner-city renewal initiative in Buenos Aires. Argentina has been awarded the International Transport Forum’s Transport Achievement Award. The Award will be presented to the Transport Authority of Buenos Aires on 1 […]

Our book was reviewed and published in JAPA

Our book called “Restructuring Public Transport through Bus Rapid Transit” was reviewed by Journal of the American Planning Association (JAPA) on January 5th, 2017. Since 1935, JAPA has published research, commentaries, and book reviews useful to practicing planners, policy makers, scholars, students, and citizens of urban, suburban, and rural areas. JAPA publishes only peer-reviewed, original […]

The Myth That Everyone Naturally Prefers Trains to Buses

When you focus on what really matters—service—much of the difference actually disappears. Source: CITYLAB – By: Eric Jaffe (Febraury 23rd, 2015) Take a look at the image above. This rendering represents modern bus rapid transit service. The BRT vehicle travels in its own separate lane, free from the constraints of traffic congestion or traffic lights. […]

Yichang, China Wins 2016 Sustainable Transport Award

Source: ITDP (January 13th, 2016) New BRT system, public spaces, parking reform, cycling and pedestrian improvements win Yichang the award. Moscow, Russia and Rosario, Argentina receive honorable mention. Yichang, a mid-sized Chinese city located along the Yangtze River, the site of the Three Gorges Dam, is looking to the future with a focus on cycling, […]

Rainbow BRT Opens New Section, Wins National Acclaim

Source: ITDP (December 4th, 2015) Just months into operations, the Rainbow BRT in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad, India is moving a whopping 67,000 commuters per day and receiving widespread attention. The high ridership is proof of the comfort of the system, and surveys show that passengers find taking the bus very convenient. On November 28, 2015, […]

BRT Hits 400 Corridors and Systems Worldwide

Source: The City Fix, by: Ryan Winstead (August 31, 2015) Last week, bus rapid transit (BRT) reached a global milestone, as the number of mapped BRT corridors and systems in BRTData.org’s database broke 400. As an online resource, BRTData compiles and tracks the development and progress of BRT projects globally. Additionally, the tool allows users to […]

New ‘Gold-Standard’ BRT in Yichang, China Leads The Way For Mid-Sized Chinese Cities

Source: ITDP (July 15th, 2015) Today, the city of Yichang, in China’s central Hubei province and the site of the Three Gorges Dam, opened a major transportation and urban development project largely funded by an Asian Development Bank loan. The Yichang bus rapid transit corridor, initially on Dongshan Avenue in the city center, will serve half […]

How science can stop buses from bunching

Research by our BRTCoE member Ricardo Giesen, from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, is mention in this article about how to avoid bus bunching. Source: Graham Southorn on  HERE 360 (October 1st, 2015) Buses not arriving on time and then arriving all at once is a headache for passengers and for transit companies. You might not believe it, […]

Greater Boston could benefit from more bus rapid transit, report says

Source: The Boston Globe – by Nicole Dungca GLOBE STAFF (June 20, 2015) Imagine a bus that sails past cars stalled in gridlock during rush hour. A group of mass transit specialists and community activists convened by the Barr Foundation want that to be a reality for Greater Boston. According to a recent study from the […]