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Método de calibração de um modelo veículo seguidor para BRT e ônibus em corredor segregado


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The car-following model is the heart of the traffic simulation software and it is able to replicate real traffic conditions in a controlled environment when properly calibrated. Still today there is resistance on the car-following model calibration and, even though many papers report calibration forms of this model, there are scarce references in the literature about calibration using bus systems data. This work is the development of a method for calibrating the Gipps car-following model, combined with the free linear acceleration model, for replication of buses operation in exclusive lanes. We initiated the method planning with a review of the main car-following model and evaluation of GHR and Gipps for typical bus systems maneuvers. In the next step we developed the calibration procedure using data collection through filming bus operation and drawing out data using a tool for image recognition. We used the rectangular coordinates method to parallax correction. We also visually analyzed the buses occupation simultaneously to filming, so bus acceleration and deceleration rates could be differentiated according to the occupancy level. Calibration was achieved by comparing the vehicle distance traveled over time and corresponding modeled. The results for acceleration and deceleration rates and speed desired values obtained from data collected in Curitiba demonstrate the validity of the procedure. An important feature of this method is the plainness, as it enables replication in other environments without the need for sophisticated equipment.

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