Straight from the Source: What services should you operate in a bus corridor? And what can we achieve in time savings, reliability, and comfort if properly controlled?

Source: Volpe

The Volpe Center is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Research and Innovative Technology Administration and is an innovative, Federal, fee-for service organization. Their mission is to improve the USA’s transportation system. Their work is performed for U.S. DOT, as well as other Federal, state, local, and international agencies and entities.
Straight from the Source: This engaging speaker series enables an information exchange between the transportation community and today’s leaders in transportation. Straight from the Source events are held at the Volpe Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts and are also accessible via webinar.
Juan Carlos Muñoz presented on June 28 a seminar in the Straight from the Source series called «What Services Should You Operate in a Bus Corridor? And What Can We Achieve in Time Savings, Reliability, and Comfort if Properly Controlled?»
Watch the video presentation here.
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